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Roxanne Conlin has devoted her law practice in Des Moines, Iowa to representing people who have been injured by others, whether by discrimination, products, doctors or vehicles. She has gained national attention and the respect of her peers in the process. The personal injury lawyers and staff at Roxanne Conlin & Associates, P.C., share Roxanne’s commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of people who have suffered a legal wrong.

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“As long as there are people who need her help, as long as bigotry and discrimination exist, Roxanne will continue to fight.”

- Paulee Lipsman, Former Client

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Unstoppable The Nine Lives Of Roxanne Barton Conlin William B. Friedricks

Unstoppable: The Nine Lives of Roxanne Barton Conlin

William B. Fredricks

Published by: Business Publications Corporation Inc.

News and Events

Comes v. Microsoft (2006 – 2007)

Roxanne Conlin served as Plaintiffs’ co-lead counsel in this indirect purchaser antitrust class action brought on behalf of Iowa consumers. We said Microsoft illegally monopolized and engaged in unreasonable restraints of trade for operating system and productivity applications software and Iowa consumers were overcharged for various Microsoft software packages, including MS-DOS, Windows, Word, Excel and Office.

Medical Student v. Obstetrician/Gynecologist (2016)

The student had very painful endometriosis. She sought the help of a specialist OB/GYN who suggested that she undergo a laparoscopic surgery to find and ablate the disease. She agreed. During the surgery, the doctor pierced completely through her aorta and she came very close to dying. She required 26 units of blood and 4 hours of emergency surgery. Even after she recovered she was left with a large scar and difficulty pursuing some of her activities. The case was settled for a confidential amount. She now practices family medicine in the northwest.

Fighting To Get Injured Victims Compensation

The legal team at Roxanne Conlin & Associates, P.C., is dedicated to helping injured victims get the compensation that they need to recover and move forward with their lives. Our firm is available to represent people with many different types of personal injury cases, including injuries stemming from auto accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice and discrimination.

Our clients know that we will work tirelessly on their cases. We understand how important communication is, and we make sure to keep them up to date on the status of their claim, what potential legal options they can utilize and inform them of any crucial detail they should know.

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