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The following are a few articles demonstrating the recognition Roxanne has enjoyed.

A Tribute to Roxanne, by Robert Martin

Overcoming Obstacles and Paving the Way: Roxanne Barton Conlin – By: Alicia Johnson

Roxanne’s Biography from ATLA’s Litigating Tort Cases

Roxanne on Being a Foster Parent for Abandoned and Stray Animals

Roxanne Conlin Funds Scholarship Program for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Curriculum Vitae

Below are additional articles written about Roxanne.

A selection of newspaper articles on the topic of Roxanne Conlin, her firm, and its cases.

Gail v. Western Convenience Stores

Comes v. Microsoft Trial Settlement Information

Roxanne Conlin vs. Injustice – She hates racism, sexism, and housework.

50 Plus Lifestyles Magazine

The Secrets of Million-Dollar Solos

From the April ABA Journal

Conlin Brings Fresh Ideas to ATLA

The Des Moines Register

Conlin’s Conviction: Making a Difference for Crime Victims

The Des Moines Register; March 5, 1989

Law & Order Liberal Seeks Iowa’s Top Post

The Washington Post

Overcoming Obstacles and Paving the Way: Roxanne Barton Conlin

By Alicia Johnson

Writing Women Back Into History

By Robert Orion Martin

Microsoft Cases