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Carl Dale Markley/Wellness Clinic Civil Lawsuit

The following are a few articles demonstrating the recognition Roxanne has enjoyed.

A Tribute to Roxanne, by Robert Martin

Overcoming Obstacles and Paving the Way: Roxanne Barton Conlin – By: Alicia Johnson

Roxanne’s Biography from ATLA’s Litigating Tort Cases

Roxanne on Being a Foster Parent for Abandoned and Stray Animals

Roxanne Conlin Funds Scholarship Program for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Curriculum Vitae

Press Release for Alice Barton Scholarship

Below are additional articles written about Roxanne.

A selection of newspaper articles on the topic of Roxanne Conlin, her firm, and its cases.

Gail v. Western Convenience Stores

Comes v. Microsoft Trial Settlement Information

Roxanne Conlin vs. Injustice – She hates racism, sexism, and housework.

50 Plus Lifestyles Magazine

The Secrets of Million-Dollar Solos

From the April ABA Journal

Conlin Brings Fresh Ideas to ATLA

The Des Moines Register

Conlin’s Conviction: Making a Difference for Crime Victims

The Des Moines Register; March 5, 1989

Law & Order Liberal Seeks Iowa’s Top Post

The Washington Post

Overcoming Obstacles and Paving the Way: Roxanne Barton Conlin

By Alicia Johnson

Writing Women Back Into History

By Robert Orion Martin

Estate of James Asmus, et al., v. Care Initiatives, et al.

Order Denying Motion to Compel

Janice Lintz, et al. v. Wellmark, Inc., et al.

Wellmark Pending Class Action

Volkswagen 2.0 – Liter Settlement

General Information Regarding the Settlement

Here Is Exactly How to File Your Diesel Buyback Claim With Volkswagen [Jalopnik]

Here’s Exactly How Much Volkswagen Will Pay You for Your Diesel Car [Jalopnik]

What people are saying about the settlement / News Clips

Volkswagen 3.0 – Liter Settlement

Everything You Need To Know About Volkswagen’s 3.0-Liter V6 Dieselgate Buyback And Repair [Jalopnik]

Microsoft Cases