Helping Individuals Who Have Been Hurt By Others

Case Summaries List


Class Actions

INrey v. Volkswagen (2018-2019)

Comes v. Microsoft (2006 – 2007)

Cohen v. Board of Directors of MidAmerican Energy (2003)

Race Discrimination Class Actions

Meeks v. Allen Memorial Hospital (2013)

Pack, Ward, Fortune & Williams v. Thomas Baldwin d/b/a Coconut Joes; Gen. Corp, Inc. d/b/a Generations; DTMC, L.L.C. d/b/a Big Kahuna’s; D. T. Corner, Inc. d/b/a Papa’s Planet; Last Titan Productions, L.L.C. d/b/a Iguana Jakes; Graffiti’s, L.L.C. d/b/a Graffiti’s, Larry Smithson; Thomas Baldwin; Pat McNulty; J. Michael McCoy and Michael Fry (2000)

Employment Discrimination


Lionel Foster v. The City of Mason City (2014)

Steer v. American Ordnance, LLC (2004)

Watts v. IES Utilities (2001)

Bleimehl v. Eastman Kodak (1997)

Tysdal v. Security Savings Bank (1997)

Gallion v. Cerro Gordo County (1996)

Disability – Obesity

Middleton v. Security Savings Bank (1997)

Disability – Other

Disabled Female Employee v. Employer

Perkins v. The University of Iowa (2015)


Kylee Ploessl v. City of Ames (2018)

McQuiston v. City of Clinton (2015)


African American Children v. Convenience Store (2007)

Mure, Apodaka and Roby v. Big Lot Stores, Inc., David Stone, Greg Kruse and Joe Noyes (2006)

Vivian v. Madison (1998)


Swank v. Calhoun County et al

Female Police Officer v. Chief of Police and Police Department

Arrick v. Power Company (2018)

Henderson v. Company (2018)

Carman v. State of Iowa (2008)

Mary Endreshak and Clarise Fenner v. Aspen Group Cemetery Association (2004)

Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying at School

Swank v. Calhoun County et al

Female Police Officer v. Chief of Police and Police Department

Arrick v. Power Company (2018)

Henderson v. Company (2018)

Fagen v. Grand View University and N.P.I Security (2016)

Gannaway v. Grinnell – Newburg School District (2015)

The Doe Family v. PCM Community School District and Jane Babcock (2014)

Child and Parent v. Worth County (2013)

High School Athlete v. Clear Lake Community School District (2013)

Carman v. State of Iowa (2008)

McElroy v. State of Iowa (2005)

Mary Endreshak and Clarise Fenner v. Aspen Group Cemetery Association (2004)

Ward v. Hebel & Son Greenhouse, Inc., & Mike Hebel, Individually (2003)

Tuel v. Schmidt Distributors d/b/a Shoppers Supply Co. and Wayne Mason

Flockhart v. Iowa Beef Processors (2000)

Madison v. IBP, Inc. (2000)

Ayers v. Food & Drink, Inc. and James P. Lynch, Jr. (1999)

Brown v. Pizza Hut, Stuart O’Hara and others (1999)

Dana Peterson v. City of Urbandale (1999)

Linda Channon v. UPS (1999)

Lynch v. City of Des Moines (1999)

Linda Monohon v. Sullivan Payne Corporation (1991)

Phyllis Henry v. City of Des Moines (1972)

Medical Negligence

Medical Student v. Obstetrician/Gynecologist (2016)

Cindy Davidson v. Dr. Martin Carpenter and Meadowlark Psychiatric Services. PC (2015)

Loa Van Houten, Widow and Administrator of the Estate of Brent Van Houten and Their Adult Children v. Methodist Physicians Clinic, Nebraska Methodist Health Systems Inc., Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and Physician’s Assistant (2013)

SK v. Ob Gyn and Clinic (2011)

Z.M., et al. v. Creighton-St. Joseph Regional Healthcare System (2005)

Widow v. Hospital and Clinic (2000)

James Delp v. Dallas County Hospital and Doctors (1997)

Meskimen v. Three Doctors (1994)

Oshbahr v. Eaves (1985)

Benson v. Doctor

Vandervelde v. Doctor

General Negligence and Other Personal Injury

Estate of Charles Clifton Chancey v. Martin Health Center d/b/a Western Home Communities (2015)

Slagle v. Trostel’s Greenbriar (2009)


Karri Locke v. Edsell Locke (1996)

Industrial Injuries

Hensch v. IPSCO Steel and Others (1998)


Klemp v. Farmers Cooperative Elevator (1998)


McNear v. IES Utilities, Alliant Energy (2002)

Constitutional Law

Bruning, Dixon and Everett v. Carrol Community School District (2008)

Cross v. City of Liscomb (2004)

Sullivan v. City of Dexter, Iowa, Mayor Jerry Stiles and Gregg Wahman (2003)

Van Pelt v. Correctional Medical Services, Inc. and Polk County Jail (2000)

Products Liability


Beeman v. Manville & Keene (1991)


Trenton Freeman v. Honda (2000)


Greg Rager v. Sapp Bros. Petroleum, Inc. and Garold M. Smith Oil & LP Co. (2007)

Premises Liability

Hansen v. Owners of Apartment Complex (2017)

Frazier v. Sayona, Inc. d/b/a Comfort Inn (2001)

Jerry Bradley v. Menard, Inc. (1998)

Rita Beller v. Comfort Inn

Civil Remedies for Crime Victims

Sexual Abuse by Teachers

Dickinsen v. The Clinton Community School District (2018)

Bramow v. Cedar Rapids Community School District and Gary Lindsey (2002)

Nichols v. Johnston Community School District and Gary Snyder (1997)

Jane Doe v. Davenport Community School District and Tom Jansen (1996)

J.M. v. Riggert, St. Athanasius and Don Bosco High School (1993)

Assault and Battery

R.J. v. Polaris Industries, Inc. and Cyclone Security Guard, Inc. (2002)

Inadequate Security

Three Sudanese Immigrant Children v. Dominium, et al. (2012)

Heidi L. v. Landlord (2004)

Stephanie Marchese v. Comprehensive Management Services, Inc., and CMS Wellington, Inc. (2001)

Monica Samuels v. Florida Hotel (1995)

Crook v. Tavern (1992)

Lipsmann v. Apartment Owner (1985)

Domestic Violence

Ewart v. City of Keokuk, Lee County and Various Law Enforcement Officers (1993)


Robinson v. Robert W. Shultice, M.D. (2003)

Robbins v. Metropolitan Medical Center, L.L.C. and Dr. Colin Kao (2002)

Child Sexual Abuse

Raschke v. Executive Director of Living History Farms (1997)

Greiner v. Greiner (1995)

Sexual Abuse by Police Officers

Smith v. The City of Creston, et al. (2012)

Doe v. Dallas County and Jailer (2011)

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Hove Family v. Keen Transport and Cressler Trucking, Inc. and Allison Farrar (Illinois 2007)

Turpen v. Belanger and Penske Truck Leasing Corporation (2002)

Larry Guilds v. K&B Transportation, Inc. (1997)

Lounsbury v. Bullock and Agritronics Corporation (1994)

Nancy Hill, et al. v. Pedersen (1989)