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The high stakes of motorcycle riding

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Personal Injury

Motorcycle riding offers a thrilling sense of freedom and excitement. Unfortunately, this thrill is not without risks. Motorcycle accidents often lead to catastrophic outcomes, including a higher chance of severe injuries and death compared to car accidents.

How do motorcycle accidents compare to other motor vehicle accidents?

Statistically, motorcyclists are at a higher risk of injury than car drivers. Around 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in injuries or death. Only 20 percent of car accidents do.

These collisions are also much more likely to be fatal for the motorcyclist involved. Motorcycle riders are also 28 times more likely to pass away in a collision than car drivers and passengers.

Why are motorcycle injuries often severe?

A variety of factors put motorcyclists at risk of brain injuries, severe burns and other catastrophic injuries in a collision. These include:

  • Lack of stability – Motorcycles are less stable than cars because they balance on two wheels instead of four. This instability makes it easier for motorcycles to tip or roll over in a collision.
  • Smaller size – Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, which makes it easy for drivers to overlook them.
  • Impact points – Cars have crumple zones, seat belts and airbags that distribute and absorb energy during a crash. Motorcycles lack these protective features, so the rider often absorbs the full force of the impact.
  • Higher risk of ejection – Motorcycles do not have restraints, and a collision is more likely to throw motorcyclists from their bike. This is especially true if they land on hard surfaces or collide with other objects.

The impact of motorcycle accidents extends beyond serious injuries. The financial burden from medical bills and loss of income can overwhelm victims and their families. Fortunately, a personal injury lawsuit can provide the necessary compensation to cover these costs.

Understanding your rights after these severe crashes can be the first step toward receiving the financial support you need to recover.