Helping Individuals Who Have Been Hurt By Others

My Clients, My Heroes

From Trial Magazine, September 1999 (“Letters” section)

The truth needs to be told. The real hero is not the women that Roxanne Barton Conlin has represented*. The real hero is Roxanne Barton Conlin herself.

It was not her clients’ courage, but Roxanne’s, that changed laws and exposed wrongs. When Roxanne represented me, she was my strength, my adviser, my counselor, and my support. It was Roxanne who decided to dedicate her life to helping those who felt powerless. It was Roxanne who vowed to end discrimination and harassment. It was Roxanne who knew that those who hurt others, either directly or through neglect, should be held accountable.

When Roxanne faced legal barriers, she fought and succeeded in getting the laws changed. When others tried to blame the victim, Roxanne convinced jurors that the fingers were pointing in the wrong direction.

Roxanne takes cases because justice needs to be served, not for financial gain. Roxanne takes cases because it is the right thing to do, even if she might lose.

Roxanne has spent a lifetime pushing, prodding, urging, and demanding that individuals, companies, and the government treat all people with respect, dignity, and fairness. Roxanne has made Iowa and the United States better places because of her efforts. As long as there are people who need her help, as long as bigotry and discrimination exist, Roxanne will continue to fight.

Those of us who have been helped by her, those of us who know her, and those of us who love her know that Roxanne Barton Conlin is the true hero in our lives.

Paulee Lipsman
Des Moines, Iowa

*[Roxanne Barton Conlin, My Clients, My Heroes, Aug. 1999, at 26.]