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Failure to Diagnose

Des Moines Failure to Diagnose Lawyers

Medical professionals are human and occasionally make errors. However, doctors and others are duty bound to follow standard treatment protocols when diagnosing a patient. Failure to conduct certain tests, MRI and CAT scans, or providing proper follow-up when a patient exhibits certain symptoms may lead to missed diagnoses that can have severe consequences. At Roxanne Conlin & Associates, P.C., our Des Moines failure to diagnose attorneys fight to hold medical professionals accountable for malpractice.

We Handle All Types of Failure to Diagnose Cases

Some missed diagnoses may pass without any sort of lasting harm. However, other failures can lead to serious health problems or even death. The lawyers at Roxanne Conlin & Associates, P.C., have extensive experience handling all types of medical malpractice cases, including cases involving failures to diagnose:

In some cases, failing to diagnose a serious disease in time may severely limit a person’s treatment options and ultimately prove to be fatal. When this happens, we can help surviving family members file a wrongful death claim. We understand that no amount of compensation can replace the loss of a loved one. However, we can help send a message that these types of medical negligence will not be tolerated.

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If you feel that your doctor is not getting a diagnosis right, it is important to trust your gut and seek a second opinion. We can help you pursue your legal options if necessary. We can also help you if a loved one was not diagnosed or was not diagnosed in time with an otherwise treatable disease such as meningitis. Contact our Des Moines personal injury lawyers online or call 515-283-1111 for an initial consultation to discuss your situation.