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Have You Suffered Damages As A Victim Of A Crime?

If you have been mugged, sexually assaulted or victimized in some other way, you have suffered losses of some kind. Whether it is medical expenses for injuries you have suffered, financial losses from being robbed or emotional distress, you should not be the one shouldering the burden of these costs. The criminal doesn’t usually have money to pay for your losses, but some other entity may be responsible for permitting the crime to occur.

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A Tale Of Two Courts: Civil Damage Awards

When it comes to litigation, there are two basic types: criminal and civil. When someone commits a crime, the case is prosecuted in criminal court, with the potential for criminal penalties like fines and jail time. However, when someone wrongs someone else and the victim suffers financial or personal harm, the victim can sue the person responsible or the entity that permitted the crime to occur like the apartment complex or the shopping mall. This type of case happens in civil court under the concept of tort law.

A “tort” is an action that results in harm occurring to someone else. In tort law, the person responsible for causing harm to others due to negligence or intentional misbehavior should be held liable for any damages that result.

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can bring a tort claim against that person In these criminal situations, tort claims can also arise against people other than those who actually committed the crime.

Common Claims

Some of the common tort claims involving criminal activity can include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Many motor vehicle accidents result from major violations like speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving and distracted driving.
  • Negligent security: If you have been assaulted, raped or otherwise harmed in a public place, there could be a case against the property owner. Those who own and operate properties for public use, like nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers, are obligated to make sure that their facilities are safe for everyone. In cases of assault in a public place, that property owner or manager is responsible for providing adequate security to prevent those types of instances. You can bring a negligent security claim against the property owner.

While tort claims that also involve criminal charges can add a degree of complication, our lawyers have handled many cases of this kind. We can help you through the process and advocate to make sure that you get the compensation you need.

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