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Age Discrimination

Des Moines Iowa Age Discrimination Lawyer

Older employees are sometimes viewed as a liability in today’s workplace. Since older employees are often at the top of their pay scale, have multiple insured dependents, and usually have more invested in pension plans, companies can cut their costs by eliminating jobs of older employees and hiring younger, single workers. Additionally, older Americans can encounter age discrimination when interviewing for a promotion or job when employers prefer to reduce costs associated with medical insurance and salary. At the law office of Roxanne Conlin & Associates, we represent employees who have been the victim of age discrimination through lay-offs, denied promotions, or discriminatory hiring policies. Working with investigators, computer specialists, and other experts, we review a company’s hiring record, internal memos, emails, and human resource files. We take depositions from managers in order to expose any contradictory testimony and claims when compared against the record of a department or company.

We have the experience and tools needed to establish a balance of power against big companies in the court room and hold employers guilty of age discrimination liable for their actions. To schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your case, contact age discrimination lawyer Roxanne Conlin today.

I Think I Might Be the Victim of Age Discrimination. How Can I Tell?

Employees are protected by state and federal law from certain kinds of discrimination. Most employers are aware of this and are very careful to mask discrimination behind spread sheets, earnings analyses, and “reorganizations.” However, patterns of behavior usually expose an employer’s discriminatory practices. When lay-offs hit your company, were those affected primarily older employees? When promotions are advertised, are younger candidates interviewed and hired? Does your manager or supervisor make comments or jokes about your age?

The Importance of Your Employee Handbook — Obligations of Employers

While courts have been reluctant to view employee handbooks as explicit contracts, they have been used against employers who violate their own stated policies. For example, most companies have a stated policy against discrimination based on age, gender, and religion. Further, most provide a description of inappropriate behavior and what constitutes harassment or a hostile work environment. If your supervisor has made jokes or remarks about your age – behaviors prohibited by your handbook – was disciplinary action taken against them? Were they reported? Were they written up or admonished by your human resources department?

Additionally, if your company has stated policies regarding employee reviews and the means for advancement, they may be held accountable for departures from these policies. For instance, if your qualifications, experience, and employee reviews make you eligible for a promotion, your employer may be held accountable for departing from their own standards when hiring someone else.

What Should I Do to Protect My Job and Myself?

If you suspect you are the victim of age discrimination, consult an experienced age discrimination lawyer before talking to the EEOC. When a complaint is filed with the EEOC they are required to notify the employer. As a result, your employer could take action to protect itself by getting rid of incriminating evidence, firing you, or talking to managers to “get the story straight.” If you suspect age discrimination, save emails, phone messages, employee reviews – anything that could be pertinent to your case. Once we evaluate your case and determine whether or not to move forward, we will have important evidence and information essential to your case.

To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact age discrimination attorney Roxanne Conlin today.