Helping Individuals Who Have Been Hurt By Others

It has been reported that several boys confined at Eldora have been sexually abused by a therapist. Here are some suggestions for parents or guardians of these children:

  • Cooperate fully with law enforcement.
  • Be aware that for many children, disclosure comes over time. If a child denies anything happened the first time he is interviewed, check back. If the child reports minor abuse, check again to see if he remembers or is willing to disclose more. Disclosure is difficult and traumatic, and the child needs patience and support.
  • Make detailed notes of everything that happens in the investigation, including the names of persons involved, what role they played, what they did etc.. Also, make a note of what the child says each time he is involved in a conversation about the abuse.
  • These children may already be traumatized by events that happened before they arrived at Eldora, so be especially careful not to confuse the child.
  • Do not blame the child in anyway. He is not responsible no matter what he did, no matter what he said. The adult therapist is in a position of power over the child and can abuse the transference process to entice the child to engage in sexual activity. The child, however, is totally without responsibility for sexual abuse by a therapist.
  • Each child is almost certainly able to bring a civil lawsuit against the State of Iowa for sexual abuse by the therapist employed by the State.

Call or email us if we can help. We have significant experience representing children who have suffered sexual exploitation by therapists, teachers, school, employees, and medical professionals.
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