Helping Individuals Who Have Been Hurt By Others

Outstanding Legal Solutions and Extraordinary Client Service

Roxanne Conlin & Associates, P.C., has evolved into one of the premier full-service law firms in Iowa. Lead by founding partner Roxanne Barton Conlin, our attorneys have individually developed areas of expertise and we use our resources to build teams that meet individual client requirements.

Our attorneys represent clients in their business communities and courthouses we serve as effective advocates at the negotiating table as well as before judges and juries. We have a full-service firm with a practice emphasis in the areas of personal injury, civil rights law, and employment discrimination.

Our relationships, dedication to quality, understanding of the law and commitment to client service create in Roxanne Conlin & Associates, P.C., a unique ability to achieve results for our clients in all facets of our representation.

Our Mission

We will try to make our world safer, saner and fairer.
We will speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.
We will seek justice, do justice and we will never give up.

We believe that bringing lawsuits on behalf of injured individuals makes society safer by making business, industry and professionals responsible for their preventable actions. If individuals and their families are in danger of serious injury or death; and reasonable safety measures exist that will either minimize or eliminate the risk; the risk of danger is unacceptable and must be remedied. We believe it is our role to use the tools the judicial system gives us to protect people.

Our Focus

We are in an age of specialization. To keep up to date on all areas of the law is impossible. We solely focus on representing plaintiffs in litigation and trial. We can help clients with these kinds of cases:

We do not represent clients in divorce, criminal defense, contracts, taxes or other legal areas outside of our focus. We are always glad to refer you to other competent lawyers if you need other services. Please do not hesitate to ask our advice. Contact our experienced Des Moines attorneys online or call 515-283-1111 for a consultation.

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